The innovative design and media organisation: announced its launch of Members Only Club.

On the 5th February 2021, Smodè Publications announced its official launch of the Smodè Members Club, a private community that grants members access to an elite network which helps members advance and intensify business partnerships.

The membership offers an inviting selection of curated benefits including:

  • Data research

  • Industry insights

  • Exclusive access to funding funnels

  • Mentoring

  • Educational workshops

  • Live webinars, and seminars

  • Business support

  • Content licensing

  • Panel discussions

  • Round table events

Alongside, a database index of brands open to collaboration and brand partnerships - from high-street fashion houses to luxury high-end brands.

At the start of 2020, Smodè Publications introduced a subscription program where members could get unlimited digital and print products and services.

1 Year later, Smodè Publications has 'levelled-up' its user experiences by introducing the Smodè Members Club with better and more equipped services offered to its customers.

Sade Michaela, Founder and Publishing Director, says, "When we introduced the subscription service to our customers it was a huge success, with over 6,000 subscribers within the first two months of launching. However, we often received requests from members who were looking for more business-related opportunities. After seeing similar types of request from show-up over and over again from different members, that's is when I knew that we needed to 'up the game' and give members a more impactful service for their money. Sade adds, "it took just over three months for us to design the perfect solution. Once we collected the necessary data from users and conducted tester research surveys, we found the right innovation that we needed to implement the Smodè Private Members Club immediately. Sade concludes, "Now our members can benefit from exclusive business resources, where they can build their business relationships with other companies or brands that share the same ethos, values and business strategies. Smodè Members Club enables users to endeavour on new successful business partnerships, and we are extremely proud of this."

2020 was a year full of uncertainty, and many people faced the tragedy of losing their jobs, careers and even their livelihoods. With this uncertainty impacting people, many given little choice but to find new creative ways to obtain new work or continue working.

Smodè Publications made it, top priority to put their users and customers first when designing the Smodè Members Club, ensuring that the new service reflects and represents all business types from small start-up brands to large corporations.

The application process is simple, straightforward and easy to navigate - this can be completed online directly from your phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

To apply for the Smodè Members Club, or to find out more information head over to the Smodè Membership Page.

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Contact: Emma Bright

Public Relations Manager

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